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In Memory of Professor Shu-Yuen Hwang (黃書淵教授)

In Memory of Professor Dijkstra (Homepage) (Related Articles)


Research Resources

Useful Things to Know about Ph. D. Thesis Research, by Prof. H. T. Kung(孔祥重教授)

* Distributed Systems

Challenges for Theoretical Computer Science

Distributed Algorithms & Systems

MIT Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems Group

Prof. Mohamed G. Gouda

Dr. Leslie Lamport

Prof. Nancy A. Lynch

Prof. Amir Pnueli

Prof. Gerard Tel

Prof. Sam Toueg


* System Modeling

Queueing Theory Books on Line

Random Number Generator Source Code


* Beyond 3G

3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project)

ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institute)

CORDIS (Community Research & Development Information Service)

Information Society Technologies (IST)


* Networking Research Institute

Stanford Networking Research Center

Columbia Networking Research Center

Penn State University Networking Research Center


* Mobile IP

Mobile IP Resources

* IPv6

IP Version 6

IPv6 Forum

IPv6 Portal of Taiwan


* Multicast

All Things Multicast

Multicast Protocols

Reliable Multicast Links

SprintLink Multicast


* Miscellaneous

Computer Science Student Resource Site, by Dr. William Stallings

Technical Report Writing

Verb-Noun Collocation System, by National Tsing Hua University

What the Professor Really Means :)


* Profiles of Computer Scientists

Charles Babbage, D.M.

Alan Turing, Ph.D.

John von Neumann

Grace M. Hopper, R.A. D.M.

Prof. Emeritus Donald E. Knuth

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